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Who is building MultiversX?
Who is building MultiversX?
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MultiversX has a team of professionals with technical and entrepreneurial backgrounds. The CEO is Beniamin Mincu, who began his blockchain experience as a part of the NEM core team. He led the marketing, business and community-building efforts to turn NEM into a global blockchain product. The CIO at MultiversX is Lucian Mincu, an engineer with years of experience designing complex infrastructure and network solutions for the German government. The COO is Lucian Todea, a successful entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience investing in the technology space and active in both startup and blockchain spaces. All of this has given him significant management, business development, leadership and investment experience. In addition to his role at MultiversX, he is also a CEO, partner and founder of several tech startups. The complete team is composed of over 100 technology and business professionals, all of whom bring extensive experience, skills and talent to the MultiversX network.

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