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How can I buy EGLD?
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First, you must create a wallet in order to buy EGLD. You can create a MultiversX wallet at or within the xPortal App. Then, you have the option to buy EGLD through these methods:

  1. xPortal App - Click on “Buy” and then choose a payment processor and the preferred payment method. Depending on whether it’s your first purchase using that provider or not you will need to go through a few steps, potentially including a KYC process. If everything is alright, depending on the payment method chosen your EGLD delivery can take anything between a few minutes to a couple of days.

  2. CEX - Through an exchange like Binance, Coinbase or (find the whole list here), you can search for “EGLD” and choose to buy and the payment option.

Go to and you will find the complete list of payment providers. After choosing a provider and following their purchasing steps your funds shall be delivered to the wallet address you have provided.

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