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How to create a wallet?
How to create a wallet?
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There are several ways to create a wallet in MultiversX network:

  • The MultiversX Wallet - you can simply go to and click on “Create a new wallet”. Then in following the next steps, you must save your 24 secret words and safely secure the phrase. Set up a password and you will receive a .json file in order to connect to your wallet using keystore.

  • xPortal Wallet - Click on “Create a new wallet”. After you input your phone number and confirm the code you will be able to set up a pin for your app, then you must save your secret phrase (24 words) and do the backup in Google Drive or iCloud in order to be able to do any type of transaction.

  • MultiversX DeFi Wallet - you can install the MultiversX Chrome extension and choose the “Create a new wallet” option. After storing your secret phrase, confirming it, and setting a password, your new wallet is ready to be used.

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