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What happens if I lose access to my authenticator?
What happens if I lose access to my authenticator?
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If you lose access to your Authenticator app, don’t panic; there are several steps you can take to regain access:

  1. Backup Codes: Always keep a copy of your backup codes when you set up your Authenticator app. These are usually provided during the initial setup process and can be used to access your account if you lose your Authenticator app. Enter one of these backup codes instead of the code from the app.

  2. Secondary Authentication Method: If you’ve set up a secondary authentication method, such as a phone number or email, use it to regain access. You’ll generally receive a code via this method that you can use for authentication.

  3. Change Guardian: If the above options are unavailable, you can initiate an unguarded change of guardian by initiating a SetGuardian transaction. This is not an instant process and requires a waiting period of 20 days. However, during these 20 days, you won’t be able to perform any other actions with your account.

  4. Contact us for support if you find it hard to decide what to do.

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