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What is a blockchain explorer?
What is a blockchain explorer?

Definition of the explorer

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A blockchain explorer is a tool or a website that allows users to view and navigate the data on a blockchain network. It serves as a search engine, providing visibility into the transactions, blocks, addresses, and other activities occurring on the blockchain.

Key features of a blockchain explorer include:

  1. Transaction Details: Users can search for and view specific transactions by entering transaction IDs or wallet addresses. They can see details such as sender, recipient, amount, and timestamp.

  2. Block Information: It displays information about blocks, including their size, timestamp, transactions included, and the hash of the block.

  3. Address Information: Users can explore specific wallet addresses to view their transaction history, balances, and other related information.

Blockchain explorers are essential tools for transparency and accountability in decentralized networks, providing users with visibility and verification of on-chain activities. They are available for various blockchain networks such as Bitcoin, MultiversX, and others, allowing anyone to explore and analyze blockchain data.

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